Apr 142019

Zentrum*0 Österreich Vollzeit ?*3,81 / Monat Kategorie: LagermitarbeiterIn, Lager, Logistik Hilfskraft, StaplerfahrerIn Zuletzt aktualisiert vor einem Tag Ausbildung und Erfahrung Pflichtschule 1 Jahr StaplerfahrerIn Weiter…


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Why Should I Hire You? The most overlooked question is also the one most candidates are unprepared to answer. This is often because job applicants don't do their homework on the position. Your job is to illustrate why you are the most qualified candidate. Review the job description and qualifications very closely to identify the skills and knowledge that are critical to the position, then identify experiences from your past that demonstrate those skills and knowledge.
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Do you offer continuing education and professional training? This is a great positioning question, showing that you are interested in expanding your knowledge and ultimately growing with the employer.